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Egue & Seta designs “Kleenex eco-Decor”, a cool contemporary space in Casa Decor Madrid 2014

Daniel Pérez, Felipe Araujo and Mario Vila, from the Egue & Seta studio has carried out the interior design project of the "Kleenex eco-Decor" space at Casa Decor Madrid 2014. A relaxed place for work; functional, fresh, contemporary. Kleenex eco-Decor "Sew the inside and the outside, sew the working life and private life, pull the thread of memories and emotions to get a warm, beautiful and practical place to live and work. Here, Sonia cuts and sews, but here she spends more hours than in her room. From here she speaks by phone with her mother, she listen the music thats listened her grandmother, write on the wall of her high school friends and takes the breakfast reading the news. From here she remembers and looks to the future: here she sneezes, sweats, get excited and then she opens her makeup ... this is where she spills the coffee. This is her Kleenex space." EGUE Y SETA Casp 54 1º 1ºB 08010 Barcelona Pez 27 Oficina 316 28004 Madrid Varela Silvari 13, 2º 15001 Coruña Tel.: +34  931 791 992 KLEENEX Parque Empresarial Vía Norte Quintanavides 17. Edificio 3, planta 1 28050 Madrid Tel.: +34 915 579 700 COLABORACIÓN ESPECIAL: TIC DECOR La Coruña 21 28020 Madrid Tel.: +34 914 492 000 YUCA TAPICERÍAS Almirante 11 entreplanta B 28004 Madrid Turín 6 Európolis 28232 La Rozas (Madrid) Tel.: +34 915 230 570/ +34 916 370 579 GASCO Conde de Peñalver 70 28006 Madrid Tel.: +34 917 304 782 FRONDA Ctra. Boadillla Km 2 28220 Majadahonda (Madrid) Tel.: +34 916 383 226 www HAVE COLLABORATED: TOLLENS HISBALIT MOSAICO SAMSUNG SAINT-GOBAIN CRISTALERÍAS RAMOS LA OCA SELEZIONE Source: Casa Decor Visit the Casa Decor website Read more news related Casa Decor published at Infurma
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