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DUNA, the new Odosdesign reversible rug for GAN

Duna is a tapestry reversible rug, designed by Odosdesign for Gan, that has been woven using the kilim technique, inspired in the combination and superposition of similar strokes which intertwine like a watercolour, mixing lines and producing a monochrome screen which simulates real volume. The blend of grey colour schemes, the superposition of strokes and the detailed coral thread backstitch, provides it with a very adaptable style which can match perfectly with different spaces, be it a living room, a room or a waiting room. ‘Duna is the result of applying a geometrical graphic to the design of a rug, aiming to produce a rug that, using neuter colours, matched in Mediterranean and elegant spaces, imitating the Arabic kilims and simulating desert dunes and yet retaining a European and modern feel’ explains Maria Mengual, the Duna designer. The Kilim technique, originally used by Persian nomadic tribes, made use of light materials so that the rugs could be easily carried. Thanks to its thinness and flexibility, these rugs are easily adaptable since they can be made in many styles and different strokes. Kilims were once used to decorate desert street market walls or floors, but nowadays they can be found in a wide range of products, from cushion covers to tablecloths. Thanks to this technique, these are the most pragmatic rugs to decorate any space: laid out on the floor, hanging like pictures or placed on tables. Also manufactured using the kilim technique are the previously presented Odosdeign projects for GAN and that include the Lima, Sioux and Naidu rugs.



These three rugs add up to other designs previously carried out using the Hand Tufted technique, that is, a manual process where the drawing is marked over a tensed cotton cloth and is stuffed with a gun that pushes and cuts a piece of cloth that gets fixed to the base. This technique allows them to create different rectilinear patterns and pile heights. The results are different levels of thickness, finishes and colours. Examples of this technique are the Trama, Caleido, Kenia or Etnia rugs.




Handicrafted with 100% natural wool, the GAN rugs are produced in India by local master craftsmen who know the techniques and processes to manufacture long-lasting and high-quality products. Duna can be found in the new GAN’s catalogue, which has been presented in the last weeks. The catalogue’s design lay out and art direction have been carried out by Odosdesign. Source: Odosdesign Read more news related Odosdesign published at Infurma Read more news related GAN published at Infurma Visit the Odosdesign website Visit the GAN website
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