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DANYÉ launches its new colorful collections for this spring

DANYÉ welcomes the spring with colour.  Mustard, grey, smoke,  white and turquoise creates the new fresh "Sand Dunes" Lavumisa baskets collection. In the Signature Collection we find the “Bloc” baskets, with touches colours, as well as the "Art-Work” collection of big baskets and vessels, made also by rural women in Swaziland. New designs for the candles with fresh and vibrating colours as the “Retro” and "Forest" collection. Animal heads carved in wood, new frames from recycled wood, and original "Nongo" pots, are also a part of the  DANYE´s spring offers. Source: Danye Decoracion Read more news related Danyé published at Infurma Read the Danyé special reports published at Infurma Visit the Danyé website Visit the Danyé sheet at Infurma
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