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Cerruti Baleri shows us its deployment for the Fuorisalone in Milan

For the 2012 fuorisalone cerruti baleri presents “housing models”, an installation that transforms the space of its via cavallotti showroom into an ideal building, divided in turn into four thematic interiors. Each one is the interpretation – realistic or dreamy – of a specific living environment. The installation integrates the new collezione and edizioni lines products, as well as products from other synergic brands. the creative atelier | maurizio galante + tal lancman The designers transform the window area into an ideal atelier where the pieces they designed for cerruti baleri live side-by-side with those produced by other companies and with their personal objects, thus describing their multi-faceted creative process through an interior that is the ultimate result of the process itself. Among the new products for 2012: two new prints for the tattoo poufs, the two-seater version of louis xv goes to sparta, the luigina chair, the wow screen, and the collector’s cabinet, a limited edition display container. All designed by Maurizio Galante + Tal Lancman. the office | cerruti baleri In the mezzanine is the office as interpreted by cerruti baleri. It is a true functional and functioning work-space, furnished with products from the collezione line, where part of the team works daily. New products for 2012: droplet (younger sibling of drop, presented in 2010) by Leonardo Perugi and fluo juliette, produced in limited edition for the 25th anniversary of Hannes Wettstein’s best-seller. the apartment | maison martin margiela Maison Martin Margiela transforms the lower floor into a temporary apartment divided into four main rooms characterized by numerous theatrical details, “cher voisins”. The furnishing combines all the pieces designed by the maison since 2010 with other classics from the cerruti baleri collezione line. Maison Martin Margiela news for 2012: the lolo armoire, the telo headboard, the lazy bed-table, the easy bed-desk and the mademoiselle screen. the canteen | cerruti baleri A welcoming space made-up of three areas: at the entrance a small space for children, then a library to read and relax and a canteen to eat and drink. New products for 2012: the new gran milano sofa designed by an anonymous XX century author and the fluo juliette bar stool, in limited edition. cerruti baleri | 8, via felice cavallotti | 20122 milano april 17 - 22, 2012 | 10.00 am - 9.00 pm Visit the Cerruti Baleri website
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