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Cadeneta, the free-style embroidery rug collection by GAN

What happens when classic embroidery techniques, the dexterity of expert hands and the avant-garde design of brilliant minds all come together? The obvious answer is CADENETA, a collection of three unique rugs, from the GAN brand, which is the indoor version of the GANDIABLASCO label. Designed by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, Mapi Millet and Siamak Eagle, the collection is built around the embroidery techniques associated with wool while also incorporating the limitless imagination and ingenuity of its creators. With Fenix, Siamak Eagle creates an original arrangement of organic motifs. The silhouettes featuring floral and bird designs make it the perfect complement for large spacious rooms. Blue China, designed Mapi Millet, is both iconic and challenging, providing a guaranteed focal point within contemporary and modern spaces. For the Valentina rug, designed by Alejandra Gandia-Blasco, the rounded borders and tracery of its design recall the classical patterns of haute couture. Valentina provides a distinguished “prêt-à-porter” elegance to interior spaces. These versatile proposals from the CADENETA collection provide a balanced and harmonic triad. Source: GAN Read more news related GAN published at Infurma Read more news related GANDIA BLASCO published at Infurma Visita the GAN website Visit the GANDIABLASCO website
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