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Beat Collection launches in Ambiente Frankfurt fair, Bamboo vases for recycle water bottles designed by Sanserif Creatius

The brand Beat Collection presents at the International Consumer Goods Fair, Ambiente in Frankfurt (Germany), the collection of bamboo table vases of Sanserif Creatius, designed to recycle water bottles and to grow bamboo in them, the so-called "poor man's green gold", for its many uses in the undeveloped countries in the southern hemisphere of the planet. This collection was created with the aim of raising public awareness about the importance of sustainable growth and environmental respect, while providing freshness to the interior design playing with the traditional silhouette of a vase or planter to shape a decorative container designed to recycle 50 cl. water bottles, which are the most used by the Spanish population. "The goal is for anyone to be able to grow –or to have- bamboo in his or her house and to understand how easy it is and its multiple uses. That is why each container is attached with a small manifesto that lists everything that a man without resources can obtain with the bamboo plant", as explained Ana yago, Sanserif Creatius director. In this sense, Ana Yago explained that, "as Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the former prime minister of India, defended, the bamboo plant is the "poor man's green gold" because it can be used in almost all core activities, from food -kitchen utensils-, to clothing -sandals, hats... - or housing -furniture, building ... -, and it’s cultivation is very economic, given that the few care requirements that the plant demands". And, as an example, it has been argued that a person can sit in a bamboo chair, under a bamboo roof with a bamboo hat on his head and wearing bamboo sandals, while holding a bamboo plate in one hand and in the other bamboo sticks that will be useful to eat bamboo shoots. Similarly, having consumed his lunch and having cooked over a fire fuelled by burning bamboo, he can clean the table with a cloth made of bamboo fibres, while diner guests cool themselves off with a bamboo fan, napping in a bed on a mattress and a pillow made of bamboo. And when you wake up, you could smoke a bamboo pipe and write with a bamboo pen on bamboo paper, in order to then take the newspaper articles in their bamboo baskets held by a bamboo pole and becoming covered with a bamboo umbrella. And in your way, you could cross a suspension bridge built exclusively with bamboo, drink water from a bamboo tube, and wipe your face with a handkerchief, obtained with bamboo fibres. And so indefinitely continue using this plant to meet your needs. Ecology and social design Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt 2014, held from the 7th to the 11th of February and brings together around 4,500 exhibitors from 90 different countries. Ambiente Frankfurt maintains its commitment to highlight conceived products from the philosophy of social design as the Bamboo collection products -flowerpots and bouquet- of Sanserif Creatius. This event is the largest consumer goods fair in the world, where new ideas and products will be shortly present in people’s homes and workspaces. Following the presentation of the collection of Bold Green seats in the last edition of Maison & Objet in Paris (France), it has been made an honourable mention in the Tortona Design Week Milano Salone di Mobile (Italy) to the oil clock Moments. Thanks to it’s presence as the only Spanish representative in Ecofuture Abu Dhabi (UAE), Sanserif Creatius has become one of the premier international social design example. In any case, pieces that are born in this studio always try to reach the needs of society through objects and processes with low environmental impact or to teach how to use materials and techniques as a mean of social awareness, to promote recycling or reuse materials for new functions. This is the case of the Clock Palet, where cardboard is used as furniture (Mustafa Table, Oportuno Stool...) or sets of glasses and glasses of wine born thanks to wine bottles (Wineries). For Ana Yago, pieces like Bamboo flowerpot and Bamboo bouquet aim to do their own’s bit so that Spain goes back to improve its data recovery of household packaging which, according to Ecoembes, the non-profit organization responsible for the recovery and recycling of packaging was deposited in the yellow and blue containers in our country rose up to 70.3% of total waste. However, plastic is the lowest in recovery rates with 53.6% of the recovered plastic containers. That is why we are trying to guide our work towards this field. Source: Sanserif Creatius Read more news related Sanserif Creatius published at Infurma Visit the Sanserif Creatius website
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