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“Working Together” space at Casa Decor Madrid 2013. Designed by Cecilia Mallardi

Cecilia Mallardi, from Uma Natural company in Madrid, has carried out the interior design project of the "Working Together" space at Casa Decor Madrid 2013, a multidisciplinary study in which young and old enjoy together the workspace. Cecilia Mallardi explains it through a curious dialogue, 8:30 am. She opens the window. Air. Light. She prepares coffee. She turns on the computer. She is barefoot. 10:00 am. He is next to the white table. He unfolds papers. He is drawing. He's barefoot. 11:00 am. They look focused. They are working. They listen to music. (Blossom Dearie) 19:00 pm. Smells like tempera, heard laughter. Children paint. They are WORKING TOGETHER AT HOME ... " Source: Casa Decor Read more news related Casa Decor published at Infurma CECILIA MALLARDI Address: Naranjo 53 28039 Madrid Tel: +34 674 148 447 E-mail: Web: COLLABORATED: TOLLENS UMA NATURAL RAMIRO LÓPEZ (Fotografía artística) ALEJANDRINA ALFARO (Grabados) MARIE MAGNOL
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