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Traditional wrought iron and contemporary design at the Aguas Blanquillas gardens

The tradition of ironwork and contemporary design have joined in the new More&More Studio project for the Aguas Blanquillas gardens. Located along the Real cattle route "El Paso" and next to a large farmhouse, Aguas Blanquillas was a beautiful fountain which was used to supply the town of Torreperogil (Jáen - Spain) in times of impoverishment. In this historic place now stands the complex that bears its name, which hosts weddings and all kinds of events in nature. More&More interior design studio has intervened in the gardens of the resort to create a unique space where they join the ancient tradition of ironwork with contemporary design. In the more than 3000 m2 and with large palm trees, olive trees and a centennial laurel, giant lamps look now that not only light up the night but serve seating to enjoy the surroundings. Placed on a wood platform and wrought iron domes accompanied are the center around which are arranged the tables for events. A white pergola for climbing jasmine leads to the restaurant, evokes the wind and nature with their movements and serves to allow guests to walk, wearing their best clothes and enjoying their perfume. Source: More&More Visit the More&More website
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