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Tjep studio designs the Fabbrica Restaurant in Bergen, The Netherlands

Dutch design studio Tjep has carry out the interiorism project for the new Fabbrica Restaurant in Bergen, The Netherlands. Tjep studio explains: "We revisited several elements for Restaurant Fabbrica in Bergen: the lovely train cabins with a new look and feel as compared to the ones we made for Fabbrica Rotterdam, a larger Pizza Oven covered with beautiful Bisazza tiles, and the very industrial wood containers that hold all the wood to fuel the oven and all the electricity to fuel the lights!." "As for the general looks we decided to take a more earthly and less gloss and shine approach as compared to Fabbrica Rotterdam. In Bergen we show materials instead of using painted surfaces. We did this to be more in touch with the economic context of the moment. It's not time for Bling Bling anymore, people want more authenticity and less entertainment" Tjep studio website Fabbrica Bergen Restaurant website
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