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The Garcia Requejo-Candelabro luminaires dazzle at “Lolita’s Cabaret” TV series

The new TV series of Antena 3, "Welcome to Lolita", has had 3.5 million viewers in its first chapter. The collaboration of García Requejo-Candelabro with the main film set decorators of the country has allowed the presence of the brand and its products in different sets of the series. The Spanish company will be presenting their new collections coming in the Maison & Objet show in Paris. There are many Garcia Requejo-Candelabro lamps that are present in different scenes of the series "Lolita Cabaret", but the main appearance of Garcia Requejo-Candelabro’s lamps are the ones that are on top of the cabaret bar tables in the main set, the actual cabaret, tables that are occupied for different characters on the, this lamps are part of a very special collection that fit in perfectly with the theme and atmosphere of the show. The main plot of the series is the permanent conflict between 2 of the main stars on the show, Mr José Luis (Luis Varela) and Dolores (Beatriz Carvajal), both of them used to be part of different cabaret crews and they have very different ways of seeing life and shows. One has a traditional and conservative view that crashes against the liberal, modern and uninhibited point of view of the other one. Both of those points of view accidentally are the ones that have marked the trajectory and the latest collections presented by the firm Garcia Requejo-Candelabro. It is not the first time that this family owned company appears on TV, their lamps were in a series called “Doctor Mateo”, also by Antena 3, and also are in the successful TV show “El Don de Alba” by Telecinco. Participation in Maison & Objet 2014 The Spanish lighting company continues its expansively policy and shortly present its new collections at the Maison & Objet show, held in Paris from 24 to 28 january 2014. García Requejo-Candelabro will have a space located at Hall 4, Stand E-111. Source: García Requejo-Candelabro Read more news related Garica Requejo-Candelabro published at Infurma Visit the García Requejo-Candelabro website Visit the García Reuqejo-Candelabro sheet at Infurma
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