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The García Requejo-Candelabro lighting again at the movies with Zugarramurdi Witches

Last Thursday 26th of September the last film of the director Alex de la Iglesia, “The Zugarramurdi witches“ premiered in Madrid. It is the last collaboration with the seventh art of the family firm García Requejo-Candelabro. Two lamps, designed and made by order by the managers of the enterprise, dominate the table in one of the main scenes of the film, in which Carmen Maura plays the leading role (Donostia Prize 2013), Mario Casas and Hugo Silva and others as important as Macarena Gómez, Terele Pávez or Secun de la Rosa. Successful actors and actresses joined in a film in which a women chaser and a divorced father, both without a job, form an alliance to rob a shop dedicated to buy gold. Their main target is to arrive in France with a kidnapped taxi driver, but when they are crossing the village of Zugarramurdi, they´re arrested by a band of cannibal witches. At the same time, the ex-wife of one of the main characters and two police inspectors try to stop them. The great collaboration kept between GARCIA REQUEJO- CANDELABRO and the most important scene decorators in Spain, is the reason why their products are present in the decoration of a long number of films and television series. Now, you can see in the best cinemas this movie which joins action, terror and comedy, as well as the majesty of these protagonist lamps. Source: García Requejo-Candelabro Read more news related Garica Requejo-Candelabro published at Infurma Visit the García Requejo-Candelabro website Visit the García Reuqejo-Candelabro sheet at Infurma
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