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The Education sector trusts Actiu to equip its facilities

Actiu, specialist office furniture, open areas and contracts, shows its status in the education sector with two of its last interventions, the Novancia Business School in Paris, and the International Cooking School in Valladolid.

International Cooking School, Valladolid The International Cooking school is the result of an ambitious project which started as an initiative by the Chamber of Commerce and the Industry of Valladolid with the aim to educate future professionals in the catering industry.

The centre designed under the criteria of LEED certification, has a surface area of more than 3000 m2 distributed over three floors. The uniqueness of its modern facilities allow for a comfortable and professional development of the different classes. The distribution of spaces have been designed so that there is a visual connection of all areas and an achievement of high efficiency. All the work areas have been designed with an open and light concept, facilitating areas to work in teams and communicate. The design is friendly and functional converting these facilities into an ideal place for learning.

The school has two tasting rooms, a chocolate and pastries class, a bakery class, four preparation rooms and a spacious kitchen. It also has an IT room, library and a variety of rooms for demonstrations and presentations.

Novancia Business School, Paris The school was founded in 1863 and was first established in the av. Trudaine (Paris 9e), then Montparnasse in 1908, being expanded in 1954. The old building has undergone a rehabilitation between 2007 and 2011. The reconstruction includes the expansion of a new part in which buildings are designed with vertical windows façades of colours in a gradient from yellow to red. The rehabilitation of this new entity has been entrusted to the agency AS Arquitectura – Studio, who took place according to High Environmental Quality (HQE).

Novancia business School Paris, the new business school oth the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, reflects its origins – Advancia and Negocia – while affirming its innovative spirit. This new chapter follows on from the gradual merging of the two original schools into a single establishment, which began in 2007.

Occupying 18.000 m2 the School has been designed as a spacious meeting place for students, faculty, entrepreneurs and staff, and can accommodate 2.000 students.

Working Space: A 250 seat auditorium, 3 lecture halls, over 40 classrooms, 13 computer rooms housing over 350 computers with internet and Wi-Fi connection, a library.

Living Space: A sports hall, a cafeteria, a meeting area: Bamboo Square, a reception hall: Maisant hall.

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