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The chair Lottus Wood by Enea, thanks to the GECA certificate, reign in the newly opened Sydney Central Park Mall

ENEA, following its philosophy of designing and producing seats for public facilities following the principles of ecodesign, obtained for Lottus program the GECA certificate issued by the Australian authorities. An example of its implementation in this country is the Sydney Central Park Mall designed by Jean Nouvel and has chosen Lottus Wood chair in different finishes to its areas. ENEA, since its beginning, has adopted in all its designs the principles established in the ecodesign, conceiving products considering the environment. Lottus, his latest program designed by Lievore Altherr Molina team, has also followed these precepts and has therefore been awarded recently in Australia with the GECA certificate. A certification which determines whether or not a product follows with the premises of "environmental choice" or that is, product designed and produced considering the environment. Lottus is a single-shell seats made of injected polypropylene and lacquered metallic tube. During the process of design, production, making and marketing, efforts were made to minimize the number of components in the seat, as well as reduce and replace the use of hazardous materials or negative for the environment. In addition took into consideration an easy disassembly to facilitate recycling and reuse of materials. Thanks to this production process and the implementation of ecodesign as a key element of ENEA, 500 units of Lottus Wood chair in white, black and green polypropylene and with a special lacquer have been chosen to furnish the public areas of Sydney Central Park Mall, the new building designed by award winning architect Jean Nouvel in the Australian city. The GECA certificate requires those products wishing to obtain the seal of green design have to be produced following basic premises, among which is the production of furniture with sustainable wood (PEPC, FSC) ecodesign (ISO 14006) formaldehyde emission E1, volatile particles not harmful to the environment, among others. Source: ENEA Read more news related Enea published at Infurma Visit the new Enea website
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