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Tarruella-Trenchs Studio designs the restaurant & social area of Metropolitan Club Iradier according to its new image

For the new project of the restaurant and social area of the new Iradier Metropolitan gym, Tarruella-Trenchs Studio wanted to reflect a more contemporary atmosphere, young and fresh, following the same line of the new image provided by the Metropolitan Fitness Brand, but without losing the elegance of the spaces and classical ornaments of the villa where it is located.

Tarruella-Trenchs Studio explains us, The most important aspect of this project was to relate all areas to achieve the maximum views possible, and increase the use of either the restaurant or bar interchangeably, where one feels comfortable at any time of day. Hence the idea of working with various seating options and different heights to achieve this. We have respected the existing architecture, painting the whole envelope in a warm color to work from a neutral box, and where the spatial distribution has remained in its original condition, and only modifying the distribution of the decorative elements. used the finest materials and spot lights to provide a warm atmosphere. We lowered the bar height to be able to sit comfortably, enjoy having a meal, and be able to see the display containing fresh produce. Thanks to the slate sliding doors, two diverse atmospheres are allowed to happen at different times of the day, the first being breakfast where one sees juices, glasses or bottles of water and a night time where a LED lighting system illuminates the bottles. The iron and glass butler helps bring warmth through the use of lighting. In this area, continuous oak benches with cushions have been placed, as well as a communal table, allowing to eat while working with a laptop in front of the bar with a low table lamp made of tubular iron and low lighting.

At the rooms’ entrance, a waiter service station has been placed; it is made out of walnut wood and black stone, and it is used for booking the central tables without losing the views of the spaces. Continuous benches at conventional heights are combined with low tables made out of oak wood and white marble, and upholstered armchairs. The lighting has been enhanced on tables by placing wall lamps with a black arm at a lower height.

The gallery is completely open to the rooms where you can view the exterior garden and natural light. We wanted to put an additional seating area where upholstered sofas have a comfortable height to eat using white marble tables and wooden stools. This same idea of a couch and coffee table is repeated in a space under the staircase leading to the beauty salon and the gym´s entrance.

In the private room we have maintained the existing fireplace but added a wood finish, forming a side bookshelf that evokes a warm, homely environment. Also, some iron and oak wood tables were placed to used them in groups or individually.

Project Leader: Olga Pajares Collaborators: Anabel Cortina, Anna Torndelacreu, Carla Manresa. Constractor: Constructora MX10 Photographs: Meritxell Arjalaguer Information & images by courtesy of Tarruella-Trenchs Studio Visit the Tarruella-Trenchs Studio website Read more news related Tarruella-Trenchs Studio published at Infurma
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