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Tabu Design furnishes The Santai Hotel and Luxury Villas and its Gong Restaurant in Bali

The furniture company Tabu Design has been specializing in crisp, contemporary furniture creations for a decade. Its design and quality have endorsed its, being one of the leading suppliers in the contract channel to furnish the spectacular hotels, restaurants and villas intended for the high purchasing power tourism found in the famous island of Bali.

One of the latest contract projects of this unique brand has been the furnishing of The Santai, a hotel and luxury villas resort which are fully conditioned 35 rooms and all areas of its Gong restaurant.

Located in a 4,500 square-metre production facility in Solo (Central Java - Indonesia), Spaniard Fernando Heras, CEO of the company, has translated his European experience and expertise in the production system of Tabu Design, emphasizing quality control processes, and providing pieces the versatility enough to suit any contract project. Tabu Design collections stand out for their design, a mixture of European sense with Indonesian inspirations. Using the good range of Indonesian timbers - each type of wood applied to the right piece - and the huge design culture they find to the environment, Tabu Design creates contemporary and innovative furniture pieces based on current trends and customer needs, but also they use imported timber, for example,  in its latest project in Umalas - a high end villa complex - it was all done with maple wood.

All timber used by Tabu Design is sourced from certified companies for the protection of forest resources. At Tabu Design not only tries to comply with environmental regulations but, also social practices, going beyond the existing requirements in light of European standards. Tabu Design exports much of its production, Europe is its main foreign customer, as well as several Asian countries that are having a significant growth. Source: Tabu Design Read more news related Tabu Design published at Infurma Visit the Tabu Design website Visit the Tabu Life sheet at Infurma
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