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Syzygy Office, Space-transforming design with HIMACS®

In the Frankfurt Stock Exchange district, Wiesbaden architects 3deluxe have transformed the office floor of the turn-of-the-century Frankfurt branch of the international design agency Syzygy into a futuristic working environment. HI-MACS® acrylic stone has been used to create a flowing linear design delivering a striking space-creating effect on the interior of the central reception area and adjoining waiting area, The organic design is a clear contrast to the surrounding original architecture, creating an exciting juxtaposition of old and new within the space. A 22m long curve delineates the space created for the new working environment, which has specially made furniture and fittings made of HI-MACS® Natural Acrylic Stone. The organic shapes create the atmosphere of a room-within-a-room, its communicative and creative openness expresses the company‘s forward-thinking culture. Wall openings and recesses in various sizes as well as fine graphic openings create visual links with the surrounding conference areas and allows light into the interior of the lounge.  Also visible through the wall openings are plants located in the space between this area and the front wall of the building creating a pleasing aesthetic effect. All in white, the free-form design and HI-MACS® furniture are the central focus of the agency – both visually and in terms of communication. They create a link between informal work and waiting areas within a flowing lounge environment, giving visitors waiting there interesting glimpses of the internal workings of the agency. The lounge is used as an experimental multi-media environment for new technical developments. The use of the futuristic solid surface material HI-MACS®, with its universal qualities, seamless finish, thermal formability, robustness and warm appearance, emphasizes the new aesthetic of the working environment. This new aesthetic provided the Wiesbaden architects with a vast number of options for creating detail and special design features. For example, the CNC-Milled and back-lit agency logo has been integrated in the HI-MACS® reception counter. The made-to-measure furniture in the white solid surface material features olive wood detailing, bringing you back full-circle to the historic building-- constructed during an era when architecture and furniture design featured inlaid detail. PROJECT INFORMATION Location: Frankfurt, Alemania Design: 3deluxe, Wiesbaden; Material: HI-MACS®;  Fabricator: Kessler Innenausbau GmbH, Alemania Photos: 3deluxe Source: HI-MACS® Read more news related HI-MACS® publisehd at Infurma Visit the HI-MACS® website
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