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Sumo, pronounced curves for the contract market. A design by Yonoh for Sancal

The Valencian studio Yonoh presents Sumo, a sofa and armchair with a Japanese touch. Sumo is part of Tierra Collection, the new concept by Sancal launched recently at iSaloni. The concept, as its name suggests, takes its inspiration from the powerful silhouette of sumo wrestlers, contrasted with the light wooden clogs that they use to and from the ring (dohyō). The wood chosen for the collection is ash, due to its texture and grain.  A wide array of stains is available: from natural shades to vibrant colours like pink or yellow. The raised seams help to define the curved lines of the piece. Clara and Alex have defied the tenets of box-like shapes being used for public areas by using softer forms.  Yet, despite its hefty appearance, Sumo has a small footprint (176cm and 75cm for the sofa and armchair respectively). YONOH Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma are Yonoh, a young Spanish design studio that is causing a wave of interest.  They can feel proud of their lamp designs for Fambuena and their much-awarded parasol Ombra, as well as their creations for Lzf-lamps.  Sumo is their first range of furniture: seats that have been developed for Sancal. Source: Sancal Read more news related Sancal published at Infurma Read more news related Yonoh published at Infurma Visit the Sancal website Visit the Yonoh website
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