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Stua fills color the new headquarters of the Publicis agency in Dublin

For the project by Carew Kelly Architects for the Publicis Agency new headquarters in Dublin, selected a colourful furniture collection of Spanish design company STUA. All the furniture; typical of Publicis; is a blend of design and creativity. The environment in which we work can enhance our creativity. This why Publicis QMP and Publicis D have selected STUA furniture for their Dublin offices. Publicis is one of the world's leading advertising agencies. Today it is organized as a holding constituted by a large number of companies in many countries. Publicis Dublin recently moved to prestigious new offices at the Liffey riverside. Vibrant colours are used throughout and the break-out areas extend to a wonderful river-front terrace. The collections used for this project includes: Nube armchair, Onda stool, Zero table, Globus chair and Deneb teka table and bench. Project: Publicis offices, Dublin Client: Publicis - Architects: Carew Kelly Architects - Text and Images: Stua Read more news related Stua published at Infurma Visit the Stua website Visit the Stua sheet at Infurma
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