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Sellex furnishes The National Bank of Investment (Banco Nacional de Investimento) in Mozambique with the SLAM chair

The National Bank of Investment in Mozambique has decided upon SLAM basic chair of Sellex, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, to equip its premises. Both, the care aesthetic and the confort have been priority matters to win over the other presented options in this project. Regardless its youthness, hardly a year launched into the market, SLAM is being very much appreciated and taken into consideration by Interior Designers and Architects. Probably the large number of options and the functionality are allowing this chair to be considered in many projects in its short time of existence. SELLEX will take part at next HABITAT VALENCIA FAIR devoted to the NATIONAL DESIGN AWARD winners This year HABITAT VALENCIA Fair is devoted to Design with a new attitude. Aimed to achieve an experience edition, more real, with a new philosophy to highlight the best Design created in Spain able to attract intenational interest. Besides, the exhibition brings together for the first time this year the National Design Awards winners (SELLEX was awarded this distinction in 2011). Sellex will not miss this commitment to Design, so Sellex will be back in the next edition of the VALENCIA FAIR, where they will show the quality and sustainability of their designs worldwide. Read more news related Sellex published at Infurma Read special articles about Sellex published at Infurma Visit the Sellex website Visit the Sellex sheet at Infurma
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