Restaurant & Bar Product Design Awards 16/17 winners announced

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Thirteen products and their designers from across the globe have won awards at the second annual Restaurant & Bar Product Design Awards, which identify and highlight the most innovative new products suited to the hospitality market. 
Judged by a panel of twenty-eight of the most influential hospitality designers in the world, including Lazaro Rosa Violan (Lazaro Rosa Violan Studio) and Martin Goddard (Goddard Littlefair), the Restaurant & Bar Product Design Awards identified the best new products ideally suited to the hospitality market for ‘design excellence. 
The Winners 
Chairs: Laakso by Aivan for Made by Choice (Finland) 
Armchairs & Sofas: Huggy by Antoine Lesur (France) 
Stools & Benches: Kansai by Estudio Ronald Sasson (Brazil) 
Bar stools: Hamac by Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel (France) 
Dining Tables: Vaco by Frattini Frilli (Italy) 
Coffee Tables: Two Tables by Board Grove Architects (Australia) 
Side Tables: Juju by Garth Roberts (Germany) 
Ceiling Lights & Chandeliers: R16 by Waarmakers Studio (Netherlands) 
Table Lights: Teelo 8020 by Secto Design (Finland) 
Light Installations: Mine by Nahtrang for Faro Barcelona (Spain) 
Wall & Floor Coverings: Tre by Next Ship & KAZA (Hungary) 
Accessories: Landmark by Sanders Design Associates (UK) 
Wall Lights: Binomios by Comite de Proyectos (Mexico) 
The winners will be showcased at its sister event, the internationally-recognised Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, held this year at London’s King’s Cross on 5th October 2017. 
Source: Restaurant & Bar Design 
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