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Reinadecorazones designs and manufactures the new outdoor equipment for the Coffee Science Centre in Campo Maior (Portugal)

After developing the project and the museological and museographic realisation of the Coffee Science Centre (CSC), Reinadecorazones designs and implements a new concept in outdoor equipment for this special Science Centre. This new concept connects the visitor with the Coffee Science Centre's external environment, as well as providing a moment of rest and relaxation during their visit to the centre.

The equipment, designed and developed by Reinadecorazones, conveys modernity, opting for a concept for the outdoor environment which is different to what has been developed up till now for this environment. A space to rest and observe the surroundings. Moreover, the perfect orientation and distribution of the space means that visitors can enjoy the magnificent views of the vineyards in this area of Portugal.

Made up of tables and benches, it offers visitors to the Coffee Science Centre a space outside the building to have a coffee, spend time with other visitors or rest after visiting the centre. It is an esplanade of over one hundred square metres along the south side of the building where the three "islands" of rest for the outdoor area are distributed. The design, marked by very clean and compact lines thanks to the materials chosen, perfectly connects with the environment created by the architecture of the new CSC building. "We were faced with an open space with views to one of the most important Coffee plants in the world and stunning vineyards that culminate in a horizon with the spectacular winery designed by the architect Álvaro Siza, so it was not easy to live up to such important elements in the environment" explained Óscar López, technical director at Reinadecorazones, "the initial pressure became our motivation as we developed the project".

An initial phase of the project included studying, analysis and choosing the materials for realising this project. In this way, the technical and development team at Reinadecorazones decided that the following materials were the most appropriate: pure white Krion for the cladding and Cerejeira tropical wood with a light dye that provides the protective varnish for contact with humans which, in turn, gives warmth to the design. "This project takes an aesthetic and functional approach for a specific use in keeping with the requirements provided by the client requesting the order", said César Cintas, creative director at Reinadecorazones. The appropriate modulation of the available space invites conversation, but also intimacy, due to the central tables' large size. Visitors are allowed to sit, lie down or walk on these tables, "sometimes you have to break the common use of designs in order to open users' minds", said Óscar.

Source: Reinadecorazones Design: Óscar López (Reinadecorazones) Read more news related Reinadecorazones published at Infurma Visit the Reinadecorazones website
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