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Philippe Starck opens fifth Mama Shelter Hotel in Bordeaux

Since 2008 when the first Mama Shelter opened in Paris, its founders (the Trigano family, co-founders of Club Med and Philippe Starck) maintained that they would open MAMAs where a unique history of the world is written. Claiming the freedom to choose only by favourites, they have once again found a city in which to create their 5th MAMA that will be as unusual, eccentric, inclusive and unique as the previous ones, so is the new Mama Shelter Bordeuax. Bordeaux, a city capable of accommodating their dream of generous and overflowing hospitality. A city that while rejoicing in the legacy of the vine, resolutely turns its soul to the sea and elsewhere. A city where their ideal of a pacified humanity comes alive. The Port of the Moon progresses calmly towards fullness. Capital of the Gironde, world capital of wine and only 40 minutes from the Atlantic beaches, Bordeaux embodies this urban ideal of diversity and energy of which members of the Mama Shelter tribe are such fans. Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2007, it is one of the most beautiful recollections of the European 18th century, attracting ever increasing numbers of tourists, students and businesses. This is where Serge Jérémie and Benjamin Trigano, Philippe Starck and Michel Reybier have established the 5th incarnation of their concept of a space for the many aspects of life, in a building which, clearly, takes the shape of a true flagship. Located on Place Saint Christoly, right in the heart of the historic centre, this former gas company headquarters could not have dreamed of a better renovation than this. With its corner position overlooking the city from the top of its 47 metres and its progressive look, this building, ranked as one of the 20th century’s noteworthy properties, was considered somewhat of a UFO on its construction in 1934 by the architect Raoul Jourde. As transgressive, original and innovative in its time as Mama Shelter is today, it is now home to a restaurant, pizzeria, both a cocktail bar and wine bar, two Ateliers (work rooms) and 97 bedrooms. From next summer, the roof top will be available for dinner or a drink while you let your eyes wander over Bordeaux’s sea of tiled roofs. In line with other MAMAs, the architecture and design embody the value of hospitality so dear to the founders. Once again, this crazy dream creates a living space with a unique atmosphere, which is more than a simple hotel but more of a village square, a veritable «urban kibbutz» a place of meetings, discussions, freedom, thrills, sparkle and emotion. Outside, in the architectural redesign work, Laurent Portejoie from King Kong architects has respected the specific features of the original project, particularly in the style of the façades.   Inside, Philippe Starck works with this variable geometric dramatization, creating a welcoming, organised, euphoric and entertaining bazaar, which describes in more than words the generosity with which he has invented this place: «Mama Shelter is the freedom, the meeting, the intelligence, the construction, the sensuality ... affordable for all, trans-social, trans-ethnic, trans-cultural MAMA draws a diagonal line through the fabric of Bordeaux.» The aim is to welcome and bring together. MAMA gives her love unconditionally, abundantly and extravagantly. On the ground floor, a range of atmospheres and uses abound to create this orchestrated madness that immediately washes over anyone entering MAMA and invites them to enjoy the experience with an unusual shop, giant table football, a «live» stage with musical instruments from all over the world suspended from the ceiling, tables illuminated with retro lighted buoys and crazy video sessions. The reception, restaurant, bars, pizzeria and show kitchen form a welcoming, spacious and open area for all those meeting and getting together here. Without boundaries or prejudices, each with their own personality, itinerary and eccentricities, the inhabitants of surrounding districts sharing their table, a meal, a drink, their stories, a moment in life. In the basement, Mama’s Table tennis Club is the opportunity to extend this sharing experience during a frenetic game. Set over 5 floors, the 97 minimalist rooms featuring the latest connectivity, boast the ultimate in comfort with five-star bedding and cotton sheets in a décor seasoned with the styles that have become its identity, the printed carpet, cartoon masks, mirrors and illuminated headboards. The choice of colours, materials and details reflects this feeling of an indulgent welcome and spells out this idea of «shelter». Offering shelter from the intrusions of the outside world, MAMA aims to be comfortable, warm and comforting, as much as it is lively, joyful and heavenly. Connectivity is the key requirement of 21st century travellers. Every room is equipped with a 27" iMac which provides internet, television, radio and computer services while allowing you to connect your own devices for viewing content and offering a free movies service and even those ‘saucy’ movies. A videobooth function has now been added to the photobooth function so you can produce 10 second mini-films and enjoy a souvenir of the experience. Every detail counts and everything is just as you would expect. In the bathroom too, MAMA takes care of you. In the exclusive MAMA SKIN range developed in partnership with the cosmetics brand Bio Absolution, the 99% natural and 73% organic soap has just joined the All In One cleansing milk for face, body and hair. MAMA SHELTER BORDEAUX 19 RUE POQUELIN MOLIERE 33000 BORDEAUX T +33 (0) 5 57 30 45 45 F +33 (0) 5 57 30 45 46 MAMASHELTER.COM Source: S+ARCK NETWORK Images: Francis Amiand Read more about Mama Shelter Hotel in Istanbul
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