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Pedro Scattarella designs the Ombu Restaurant in Mallorca recreating an authentic square neighborhood

Pedro Scattarella from studio Dissenyados Arquitectura has designed the Ombu restaurant, located in Plaza de la Reina. The access to Born neighborhood. Historic and touristic center Palma de Mallorca. Inspired by the environment, the space has turned into a square. They tell us, This restaurant is inspired by the environment and especially by a tree (ombu) that for many years has hosted and provided shade for residents and tourists. We have turned this site into a square. Creating a route where the customer can recognize different parts of the square. The access floor is organized by placing the bar on the side, in the form of bank that zigzags up to the kiosk. This kiosk, with its front and aged copper roof, contains the open kitchen. Depending on where one looks, it is a little below. The kitchen team are in sight. And the cooking show is performed and enjoyed around the room..

A difference in level separates this área from the hall. Here are the typical park benches; for which  Benisalem and Mares Stone were used; these two being  the typical stones of the island. Bower is also formalized only with the roof and serves as a link between the two areas of the restaurant.

The ceiling is formed by the branches of this tree. As the real one, it provides shelter to customers. These branches are  Corten steel and contain lighting, both environmentally up to the ceiling as the lamp with round shape that stains the floor and walls giving a very scenic environment.

Finally, the ground is like the old cobblestone squares. The old tram rails passing through the square can still be seen. Just as graffiti on the walls.

Upstairs there are two rooms and services. In the largest room the tree reappears with Corten steel materialized, but this time the logs appear. The floor is wooden and the walls are stuccoed.

Finally, there is the incognit room. From the outside, the customer sees a very old and run down metal door, a peephole and sees only the name of the room, but when allowed to enter, he/she is surprised to find a room decorated in luxury, the table (own design) contains crystals with gold leaf.

These two romos have spectacular views of both the water fountain in Plaza la Reina and  of Palma Cathedral.

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