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Pauzarq Architecture Studio designs the Gallastegui Restaurant in Bilbao

Pauzarq Architecture Studio explain us the project carried out to design the new Gallastegui Restaurant in Bilbao. A simple and elegant design and style features this space furnished with tables and chairs by Akaba and decorative lighting by Fambuena. The project had to relocate the former Gallastegi Restaurant in the reconstructed residential building situated in the neighborhood of Deusto (Bilbao - Spain). The new space consisted initially of two different parts. The first one, the main area, was 5 meters high and with three big openings at street level. Two meters above this area and on the back side, you could find the second one, with three openings to the courtyard of the building. The project intended to soften this height difference with an in-between oak wooden level which created a new dining place, one meter above street level. It’s built with a timber frame pine structure. The restaurant is clearly divided into two functional spaces/parts. This dividing line, going from the front to the back façade, separates the public spaces from the private ones. On one hand, the service side, which has a direct entry from the street to the storage, followed by the kitchen, the changing room and the office. On the other hand, the 100sqm main public area, with three staggered dining levels separated by slatted wooden screens. From the street entrance, you access the first level, where the bar, toilets and a first dining area with a capacity of 25 people are located. At this level, the five-metre-high wall is covered with white ceramic tiles separated by wooden frames. From here you can find two staggered terraces that contain the next two dining zones. The first one is accessed by the staircase adjacent to the toilets-changing room box. The second dining area is raised one meter above the access level and has similar size and capacity to the first one. Finally, the stairs lead to the last dining zone, at courtyard level. Its position and minor dimensions give it a more private nature.

Furniture throughout the restaurant is black, as are the insides of shelving recesses in the wall. The bar is a 5mm thickness steel sheet, above it ceramic lamps hang from the ceiling. On the other hand, threads of yarn wrapped around the lampshades that hang from metallic tracks with directional projectors above the dining areas thin out in places to let stripes of light through. They connect with the oak wooden slatted screens and industrial parquet floors of the second and third levels. The first level floor is a grey cement terrazzo continuous made of black and grey aggregates and blue glass. Architects: pauzarq (Felipe Pérez Aurtenetxe, Elena Usabiaga Usandizaga, Gerardo Zarrabeitia Ullíbarri) Web: Work: Restaurant in Bilbao Location: Ramón y Cajal 4, Bilbao (Spain) Built area: 210 m² Year: 2012 Contractor: Probiak Photographer: Felipe Pérez Aurtenetxe / pauzarq
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