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Outdoor furnishings at the Atoll centre in Angers (France), by Franck Magné

The "Plis" litter bin and the Feu ashtray designed by Franck Magné have equipped the new generation Atoll shopping centre in Angers since it opened on the 3rd April 2012. Furnishings or symbols which immediately express their function to the public. Impeccable, sculptural and graphic design by a young French designer. The lacquered metal origami-like Plis litter bin evokes crumpled paper. Its unstructured architecture offers a range of profiles depending on your viewpoint and thus avoids a sense of repetition. The Feu ashtray directly acknowledges the consumption of cigarettes. An everyday beacon produced from a lacquered metal cylinder. The optimized manufacture of these urban design pieces is produced on demand in France with steel from Florange. The Plis litter bin took two years to develop in order to optimize how it reacts in an explosion as part of the Vigipirate plan. They are located in the Atoll shopping centre designed by Antonio Virga and Vincent Parreira which consists of a peripheral gallery covered with mesh, surrounding a landscaped garden and defines a new type of shopping centre with a strong environmental policy. Photos: Ian Scigliuzzi Visit the Franck Magné website
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