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Oscar Vidal designs Nicky’s Food & Drinks, a tribute to bowl in Gandia (Spain), finalist at the RABDAwards 2013

Nicky's Food & Drinks restaurant is part of the new leisure center Ozone group has just opened in Gandia (Valencia). Considering the origin of the parent company, Hispabowling, interior designer Oscar Vidal Quist has recovered the old wooden tracks and old bowling alley, as hub for the design of this new restaurant worthy of being at the shortlist in the prestigious Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2013, in the category Europe Restaurant. Oscar Vidal explains about it, Due to the source of the group is Hispabowling, the reference firm within bowling business in Spain, the main element in order to start designing was reusing the original bowling wood lanes from a restored bowling center. Consequently, this material has been used to recover the most representative elements in the venue, such as the top of the bar, the benches, one of the doorways and even the continuous table resulting from an all long bowling lane. Moreover the pins have been fixed at the end of the board for the customer to closely check the real size and appearance of a pin. In order to strengthen the link with the bowling spirit there were used lots of old worn out pins placed in groups hanging from the ceiling. To highlight the presence of wood meanwhile creating a cozy atmosphere to be able to cope with its multiple uses, the whole room was painted in aged dark grey, which integrates every preexisting materials: plaster walls and ceilings, bricks, plinths, carpentry and wooden pallets. Regarding the uses for the space, it is conceived to be used as a café, restaurant and sports bar. That is the reason why tables and seats are so diverse, starting with the large sharing Bierhaus-way table with benches, or more flexible individual tables sharing an all long wall bench, followed by individual tables combined with a replica of the 50s Jean Pauchard French chair, and finishing with the main and wall bars with stools for a casual or fast-meal use. Some old-fashioned style leather armchairs have been also placed to stand out its use as a pub. A lamp has been designed using galvanized old wash-basins to add an unexpected and funny touch to the place. PROJECT INFORMATION: OZONE GANDIA Camp de Morvedre,16. 46730 GANDIA (gandia playa) VALENCIA - SPAIN PROMOTER Hispabowling s.l. Partida Moleta s/n Bajo (Anexo a Ozone Sports Club) 03550 San Juan de Alicante INTERIOR DESIGN AND PHOTOGRAPHS Oscar Vidal Quist c/ peru, 64 Alcoy (Alicante) CONSTRUCTION One Servicios C/ Alcantarilla Nº 1. 2º D 30850 Totana, Murcia CARPENTRY Carpinteria Sirvent P. I. Finca Lacy · El Tope, P. D1 03600 ELDA · ALICANTE ENGINEERING Amat y Maestre José Maria Pemán, 19 - entlo. 03600 (Elda) Alicante Source: Oscar Vidal Quist Read more news rerlated Restaurant & Bar Design Awards published at Infurma
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