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Osborne entrusts in Tarruella Trenchs Studio to design the 5 Jotas restaurant in the Salamanca district, Madrid

Osborne, a renowned family business commissioned Tarruella Trenchs Studio to renovate the Cinco Jotas restaurant located in the Salamanca district of Madrid. The aim was to transmit the passion for tasting 5J --- Iberian acorn-fed ham - and the culinary experience of their high quality products. Thus was carried out the project as Tarruella Trenchs Studio explains, Having in mind the idea to thrill diners, we evoked the experience to convey the essence and values of the brand through the care of details in the interiors, which have a reminiscent of the Dehesas grassland, the place where purebred Iberian pigs are raised. The restaurant is set in a four-story building with a small layout configuration. Our priority was to rearrange the existing spaces, keeping the street level for the bar area, the middle floors for the restaurant, and the top floor as both an outdoor restaurant and a cocktail bar area to enhance the ambience during the evenings. The main staircase, which serves as the backbone throughout the levels, was kept, but it was finished with a set of black iron plates on the side that become handrails penetrating all floors, and are inspired by the knives used by ham cutters. The steps are finished in wood to provide coziness to this special feature of the restaurant. To unify the existing architecture, the walls and ceilings of all the levels were painted in an off-white tone with a textured finish reminiscent of the old traditional cottages. Throughout the restaurant we used high quality materials that transmit domestic and timeless spaces recalling natural elements of the landscape of Jabugo, where craftsmanship, authenticity and value of origins represent the brand. Guests are greeted at a terrace that is covered with a pergola made of natural hatched strings of different densities that filter the light, and create a natural and sustainable environment reminiscent of the hurdle sheds found in old towns. We organized the ground floor level by removing the existing platform to have all the space at the same street level, and we laid out the space by placing a high central table, which allows eating while standing around. We emphasized the importance of the ham cutter figure, by providing a white marble pedestal to stand on. Behind this, we highlighted the display of hams hanging on a handcrafted white tiled wall, along with the design of some brass hangers with an acorn shape to enhance the importance of the hams that hang as singular pieces. In the rear, the cold kitchen and beverages service area is left open. In front sits a free standing counter, lined with dark leather, and serving as a waiter station that allows circulation around it. The protagonist of this space is the suspended walnut wood ceiling, having a laser cut acorn-shaped pattern, it filters light and simulates the feeling that the diner sits under the holm oaks of the Dehesa grassland. On the first floor level, some banquettes -upholstered in leather - surround the room, and enclose the wooden tables which have fire etched patterns on the tabletops. The patterns were designed by Run, the Graphic Design Team. These hatches, that mimic the texture of acorn shells, also appear in the graphic design applications of the interiors. Behind the banquettes, we designed a set of volumes of different sizes and depths made of parchments that integrate the windows and serve as a natural light screen of the space. Reclaimed oak wood panels were applied on the rest of the walls and provide comfort to the room, hiding the main kitchen through the waiters´ kitchen hatch. Above the wood, an iron plate sculpture is placed, using the silhouette of a herd of Iberian pigs. On the top floor, the glass roof provides greater height to the space, transforming it into an open outdoor terrace in summer. This roof has a retractable glass roof system and a second layer using the same natural hatched string pattern used at the entrance of the restaurant, allowing flexibility to the space -depending on time of year - and filtering the natural light. A white marble cocktail bar organizes the room, and a large full height smoked mirror doubles the space by increasing its depth. Some solid oak wood shelves were placed on the mirror to serve as a wine and liqueur cellar of the Osborne brand, which highlight the representation of the trademark. On the bar, a set of suspended lamps with acorn shapes, and wood paneled rustic oak walls bring the inspiration of family tradition. On the wood, a suspended fireplace, in contemporary style and black iron finish, emphasizes the verticality and comfort this space provides. To conclude, the local vegetation placed in built-in planters that are integrated into the masonry banquette in front of the groups of tables, emphasize the naturalness that is perceived throughout the different spaces of the premises. CINCO JOTAS RESTAURANT, MADRID Creative Directors: Sandra Tarruella y Ricard Trenchs Project Leader: Elsa Noms Collaborators: Núria Calderón, Núria Martínez, Bárbara Beserra Information & images by courtesy of Tarruella-Trenchs Studio Read more news related Tarruella-Trenchs Studio published at Infurma Link to Tarruella Trenchs Studio website
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