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Ora ïto designs Foodshelf for Scavolini. Is this a shelf for food or for books?

Is this a shelf for food or for books? Ora Ïto has designed for Scavolini an upmarket kitchen in the form of a straightforward shelving system stretching indistinctively from kitchen to living room, hence unifying them. Tall and short modules available in wood, melamine and matt or glossy lacquered finishes are combined with the usual range of Scavolini colours. The kitchen, living room and study therefore share a common storage system providing fluid and natural visual continuity. Horizontal storage lines cut across the walls and space working with the solids and voids to provide unlimited modular scope. The French designer revisits Charlotte Perriand’s open kitchen for the Cité Radieuse: a combination of very functional work surface, shelving, cabinet and cupboard that now offer users a wide selection of tempos, contrasts and colours from the most practical to the most vibrant. Foodshelf is an innovative solution for all increasingly “fluid” and multi-functional living spaces, merging their characteristics in contemporary homes. Source: Ora Ïto Read more news related Ora Ïto published at Infurma Visit the Ora Ïto website Visit the Scavolini website
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