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New UNBAR in Palma de Mallorca. A Restaurant designed by Joan Bustos with artworks by Antonio Fernández-Coca

UNBAR is a gastronomic space located in a industrial park in Palma de Mallorca where breakfast, restaurant and bar concepts bind. All this from a market cuisine and flavor of life. The UNBAR atmosphere and interior design is different and innovative in its kind.

Unbar is not just what you would expect to find in an industrial park restaurant. The UNBAR interior design project sets high-end kitchen cabinets Sertecma, along with a mural of seven meters long and two and a half high made by the known creative and illustrator, author of the image, the teaching atmosphere in various plants of pediatric hospitals, covers for El País and La Vanguardia, as well as books as El arte de la ilustración (The Art of Illustration) publisher Anaya, among many other works.

This is highlighted by a large ledge on pine beamed, fitted between black iron shelves, which supported a collection of signature wine from Macià Batle y Divins by wineries, along with other Balearic products such as Flor de Sal de Estrenc and red peppers, known here as pebres of cillereta.

The Unbar interior design continues with a whole set of lamps and lights whose intensity is changing according to the atmosphere required by the customer or determined by the time zone, which is also enriched with a musical atmosphere studied for each circumstance. Unbar bar is a unique piece of white marble, and the wooden floor houses the modular tables whose spatial organization is determined by the needs of the moment.

Outside this area, Unbar has a covered terrace creating a shade within the typical sunny environment of the Palma de Mallorca island. In this outdoor space, Unbar makes a nod to the typical Mallorcan shutters along with a number of native plants that make you feel like you're in a typical Balearic courtyard where Unbar gives a stylish modern touch.

The Unbar interior design project has been carried out by Joan Bustos and mural that gives graphic projection has been created by Antonio Fernandez-Coca illustrator.

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