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New Suite Margarita Bonita of the hotel La Bastide du Bois Bréant, in the Provence

La Bastide du Bois Bréant is the second French hotel that incorporates a Suite Margarita Bonita. Located in Maubec, a few kilometers far from the beautiful city of Avignon, this charming establishment puts at its client’s disposal a new romantic room with all the unique and exclusive Margarita Bonita’s elements. The hotel La Bastide du Bois Bréant takes a step forward to facilitate to its guests a unique and romantic space with the installation of a Suite Margarita Bonita. The room, equipped with a Movement Bed and a Neotantra Sofa to facilitate the couple’s relations, keeps the Provençal soul of this ancient farmhouse turned into an elegant and charming hotel. This new Suite Margarita Bonita – the second in the south of France- combines rustic and classic pieces with the sophistication of Margarita Bonita’s furniture. Moreover, the colours are a faithful exterior landscape reproduction, with lile and turquoise tones that remember the lavender fields and the exuberant environment of this region. Another prominent item is the LED illumination system, integrated in the singular architectural elements, like the beams, and under the bed, in the Nenufar lamps, and under the sofa. The room also has the Suite Margarita Bonita’s complements: a Welcome Erotic Pack with satin ribbons, masque and tickler; two postural Love Pillows, and a photographic User’s Guide to make the most of the stay. A charming hotel The hotel La Bastide du Bois Breant is located in the Provence, next to the Luberon mountain. This hotel has a very special personality that you can appreciate on the exquisite decoration of the establishment, and on the cuisine, based on fresh local products and the best wines of the region. Otherwise, enhance its wide garden, a relaxant space with pines and centenary oaks, with a heated pool to enjoy outside. The hotel La Bastide du Bois Bréant is a perfect destination for the romantic getaways. You can discover the lovely places of the Provence, the Luberon or the natural landscapes of the Camargue; practice urban tourism and visit the cities of Avignon and Marseille, or have a good time with several leisure option such as the music festivals, golf or cycling. Source: Suite Margarita Bonita Read more news related Suite Margarita Bonita published at Infurma Visit the Suite Margarita Bonita website
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