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Mallorca Restaurant at Casa Decor Madrid 2013. A project by Jaime de Pablo-Romero Rojas and Irene Ruiz Rubio

Mallorca Catering company puts the menu and service, the YNOT? Studio by Jaime de Pablo-Romero Rojas, and Irene Ruiz Rubio put the design, and so has been the restaurant at Casa Decor Madrid 2013. They explain us, "A space that reflects the essence of Mallorca Catering: quality, innovation, elegance, fun... and manages to envelop diners in a cozy and edgy atmosphere. All this has been achieved pampering the harmony of all proportions, content and color. For us, consistency is everything! This project has two areas (lounge + restaurant) but in a single environment. The walls are designed to harmonize the aesthetic and color, making each element that makes up the project makes sense. When choosing materials, we have opted for 100% recyclable or recycled materials, betting heavily on Spanish design." Source: Casa Decor MALLORCA - Colourful YNOT? Address: Castillo de Fuensaldaña 4, local 21 Las Rozas 28232 Madrid Tel: +34 916 264 009 E-mail: Web: MALLORCA CATERING Address: La Granja 3 Alcobendas 28108 Madrid Tel: +34 914 100 010 E-mail: Web: SPECIAL COLLABORATION: GIRA- SMARTCLICK Address: Transversal 6 28016 Madrid Lincoln 23-25 08006 - Barcelona Tel: +34 933 968 833 E-mail: Web: TOLLENS Address: França 7 (Pol. Ind. Pla de Llerona), 08520 Les Franqueses del Valles Barcelona Tel: +34 938 631 840 E-mail: Web: COLLABORATED: WEDI BY GRUPO MODULAR 5 IDEAS LA COLORERÍA MAD-LAB ÁLVARO CATALÁN DE OCÓN : Jaime de Pablo-Romero Rojas : Irene Ruiz Rubio : YNOT? : GIRA- SMARTCLICK : MALLORCA CATERING : TOLLENS
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