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Lzf Lamps lights the restaurant of successful TV show, MasterChef™

One of the most seen TV Shows in Spain, MasterChef™, has chosen Saturnia and Escape lamps of Spanish company Lzf Lamps, for its edtion 2014 restaurant set.
After casting 9000 candidates in the whole country, 15 finalists will participate to become the best chef in the second season of this awarded show. Produced in more than 45 countries, and with a total of more than 200 million spaniards who have seen at least one episode of the last season, this year the show seems to be even more successful.
The set for this year's show is a perfect replica of  a restaurant with all the necessary elements. Tables, a bar, shelfs with cups and glasses and Lzf lamps, Saturnia and Escape, lighting the different areas of the set.
A row of white Escape lamps, designed by Ray Power, lights the bar, while orange Saturnia lamps, designed by Oskar Cerezo, bring a lot of light and color to the dining room area.
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