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Lzf Lamps illuminates the Next Generation Tennis Club in Auckland, New Zealand

Next Generation Club recently opened on Stanley Street, in Auckland, next to the domain and on the site of the ASB Tennis Centre. UFL worked with designer Heather Kirkwood to create an inspiring interior with a totally fresh approach to contemporary design. To do this, they have chosen Link suspension lamp of Lzf Lamps, which lights some areas.  The furniture and lighting selected and supplied by UFL is appealing, stylish and comfortable with a relaxing taste of New Zealand. UFL’s top brands including Arper, Andreu World, Sancal, Sellex, Capdell and Lzf-Lamps were all selected to be a part of this outstanding fit-out. Link has been designed by Irishman Ray Power. Lzf Lamps website Lzf Lamps sheet at Infurma
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