Lithos Design marble lights up at The Room Club in Hamburg designed Frank Theuerkauf

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Designer Frank Theuerkauf chose the revolutionary Le Pietre Luminose collection by Lithos Design for his project for the The Room Club in Hamburg. The marble clad feature wall is indeed a genuine "eyecatcher" in the area dedicated to the bar and for the entire project on the whole. 
"The concept behind The Room is based on the innovative use of light", explains Frank Theuerkauf. "The project's fundamental features are the translucent concrete bar, the illuminated marble wall and the Plexiglas ceiling installation". 
Thinking of marble as a light source could be seen as a revelation for many. The Le Pietre Luminose collection is in fact based on the study of a property of marble that is often unexplored: its translucence. The eight models in the collection stand out for their differing graphic patterns which create, together with the back-lighting, unusual and truly beguiling effects and suggestions, which are especially suited to public venues. The wall behind the bar at The Room is clad with agate pink marble from the Naos model, which casts a pleasant warm light into the surroundings and, thanks also to its 3D design, creates a scenic sense of space and depth. 
Source: Lithos Design 
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