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Lagranja creates a relaxed contemporary atmosphere for Michelin starred chef Nandu Jubany’s new restaurant

Lagranja Design has been commissioned to carry out the reform of the Petit Comitè restaurant, part of the Majestic Hotel Group, located in one of the gastronomy spots of the Barcelona: Pasaje de la Concepción street, featuring classic Catalan cuisine with a contemporary edge. Like the design, classic ... but with unexpected details. A space divided in two floors, where Lagranja decided to go for a warm light and natural materials design. A great oak bookcase distributes and divides the space in two separated areas: a more informal dining room in the outdoor area and more classic one in the indoor.

On a range of neutral tones stand out some points of colour, as the Sargadelos ceramics plates and the wood pestle and mortars placed along the shelf, the sculptures of flying geese, located at the entrance and made out of moulded "chicken mesh". The green painted wall in the central dining room, the lamps in bright colours combined with copper and the glass lamps located on the bar: a reinterpretation of the famous Rafael Marquina’s oil cruet, designed and produced by Lagranja specially for this project. The mirrors, hand-decorated with patterns that simulate the crop fields, have been distributed through the space, giving personality and a spaciousness feeling to the restaurant.

Source: Lagranja Design Photography: Miquel Coll Read more news related Lagranja Design published at Infurma Visit the Lagranja Design website
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