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KriskaDecor curtains bring creativity, originality and stylish to new Vincci Gala Hotel in Barcelona

Situated in a period building in Barcelona’s Eixample district, the recently opened four-­‐star Hotel Vincci Gala was created by the architecture studio TBI. The architects used KriskaDECOR curtains as the star material of the main atrium. A bold graphic treatment that spreads over the entire six floors. The unique geometric design of the curtains has been extended to the doors of the rooms and the patterns on the flooring in the halls, together creating the sensation of a virtual space. The golden aluminium chains are hung like an enormous veil over the glass security barriers. The dark linear patterns are fused in order to create a singular optical effect. In addition, strings of LED light have been integrated into the stair rails, bathing the each section of the curtains in a shine-­‐inducing, direct light. The curtains bathe the atrium, the heart of the hotel that permits natural light and ventilation to permeate the building. “We were after an eye-­‐catching element for the atrium,” explains Gregor Mertens, the project’s Design Coordinator. “And that’s why we chose KriskaDECOR curtains. We decided on the black and gold colour scheme which here forms a striking geometry. The hotel, which belongs to the Vincci Group, has been named Gala in honour of the wife and muse of the surrealist master Salvador Dalí. Just as the pair was in real life, the Hotel Vincci Gala stands out for its contrasts; the old with the new, the discreet with the extrovert and the elegant with the extravagant. Gold is the hotel’s primary colour. It is repeated in numerous tonal variations and applications throughout, combined with organic forms and treatments that range from dark to luminous, much like the work of Dalí himself. Further dramatic contrasts spring forth from the material; metal juxtaposed with stone and marble of the original building. When looking for inspiration for hotel interiors,“ continues Mertens, “The challenge is to be on the cutting edge of ideas, materials and applications.” In this case, he has turned to KriskaDECOR for unique, custom-­‐made metallic curtains for the hotel’s identifying decorative element. Information & images by courtesy of KriskaDecor Read more news related Kriskadecor published at Infurma Visit the KriskaDECOR website
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