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Kriskadecor adapts its decorative curtains to the most unimaginable creativities by designers

KriskaDECOR is the first international company that enables mixing colors and creating drawings and patterns in its metallic curtains coming true creativities suggested by designers. Two obvious examples are found in the projects carried out at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester City FC and Talsee showroom in Switzerland. 20.20 Limited studio has carried out the interior design project for The Mancunian suite giving it a complete facelift with a young, edgy and urban look encapsulating Manchester culture. The space is adorned with graphic representation of the Club’s famous chants and Manchester music, there are KriskaDECOR chainmail screens that are printed with the soundwaves of iconic songs and lyrics on the ceiling. For the new showroom for the bathroom furniture company Talsee, the Swiss architecture firm Burkard Meyer required an innovative installation of chains hanging from the ceiling. Following the architect’s creative brief, KriskaDECOR created a new modular system for the project. The varying lengths of the chains (the longest measures 7.80 meters) form a ‘rain passage’ that separates the different functions of the showroom, creating a ‘room’ inside another one. The lighting creates a surreal and magical ambiance. This project is exemplary of KriskaDECOR’s essence; besides a custom made specific design for the project, the company did also develop an installation system to suit the space. All these processes, from the development of the product to the manufacturing methods have been conceived in-house. You can find more cases of creativity and scenery in its new website. Source: Kriskadecor Read more news related Kriskadecor published at Infurma Visit the KriskaDECOR website
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