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Konstantin Grcic’s B Chair for b.d at the Chäserrugg restaurant designed by Herzog & de Meuron in the Swiss Alps

Architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron has reframed the cable-car station on top of Switzerland's Chäserrugg mountain by enveloping it within a wooden restaurant building. Located in a ski resort within Switzerland's Toggenburg region, the Chäserrugg building stands at the peak of the mountain at an altitude of approximately 2,260 metres. The property of the  Chäserrugg Gipfelrestaurant wanted to have a stackable wooden chair that they could move, stack and store away easily, and together with the team lead by Christine Binswanger, Senior Partner at Herzog & de Meuron, they decided to use Konstantin Grcic's B Chair by BD Barcelona Design. B Chair by Konstantin Grcic The B Table was the first in the Extrusions collection and an aesthetic which is the product of a combination of industrial and manual processes. The result is a “highly crafted” piece which surprises with its solidity and lightness. To complement it, Konstantin Grcic has now designed the B chair, a wooden chair with pieces of aluminium in its structure. The legs are X-shaped and the seat folds, which allows for horizontal stacking and pays tribute to the name of the collection. A detail of genius. The decorative touch is concealed beneath the seat, which is offered in a varied and attractive range of colours. Information & images by courtesy of BD Barcelona Design Read more news related BD Barcelona Design published at Infurma Read more news related Konstantin Grcic published at Infurma Visit the BD Barcelona Design website
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