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Karim Rashid in charge of restyling the bar at nhow Milan: lighting by Axo Light

nhow Milán, a design hotel from the NH Hoteles Spanish chain, was presented at the recent Milan Design Week with an exclusively restyled bar area by designer Karim Rashid, who based the lighting project around Nafir, the suspension lamp he himself designed for Axo Light. With this restyling project, the American designer of Egyptian roots has brought his lines and colours to Milan as well, creating a common thread with nhow Berlin, the facility which was inaugurated in 2010 for which he designed all the interiors. “After spending many nights staying at nhow Milan, I thought it would be interesting to subtly change the bar where I have had countless meetings, cappuccinos, interviews and glasses of wine,” says Karim Rashid. “I wanted to create a sense of positive energy by furnishing the bar in my new designs from Spain, Portugal and Italy. I added new works that bring a sense of connectivity, like a conduit for meeting, deal making, engaging and flirting, with colours, forms and materials that speaks about the digital age, making the bar a microcosm, a human global intersection”.
The project involves four different design companies for whom Karim Rashid designed several objects which now decorate the new bar at nhow.
nhow Milan has a consistent theme of orange throughout their hotel branding,” explains Rashid. “I chose to highlight this theme throughout the bar by keeping a minimal colour scheme of white, orange, chrome, gold with an accent of lime. I’ve included the Axo Light ‘Nafir’ lamps in white/gold, Casamania ‘Kant’ stools in orange and the Redi ‘Kat’ chairs in lime. The ‘Tak’ tables by Redi have been customized with unique graphics printed with HP’s digital technology. To continue the graphics and colour scheme throughout the space, HP has created custom films I designed to apply to the bar mirrors.
Nafir, the collection of lamps which Karim Rashid designed for Axo Light in 2012, stems from the idea that light, like music, is pure emotion. Its name is also a tribute to music: indeed, the term Nafir is used to indicate a small North African trumpet, without pistons, used to obtain especially acute sounds. Available stand-alone or in groups of threes and illuminated by LED technology, Nafir touches upon the sculptural theme and is just as enchanting with the lights off. Nafir is made of white injection moulded plastic and is available in three different colours: chrome exterior/white interior, white exterior/gold interior and white exterior/white interior. The canopies are made of the same material as the lamp and with the same colours and finishes. Source: Axo Light Photos: Giuseppe Creti Read more news related Axo Light published at Infurma Read more news related Karim Rashid published at Infurma Visit the Axo Light website Visit the Karim Rashid website Visit the nhow Hotels website
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