Karim Rashid dressed the Temptation Resort in Cancun (Mexico) with his characteristic sensual minimalism concept

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Karim Rashid, creates the "sensual minimalism" concept inspired by the human body, redefining the Cancun skyline with a spectacular 430-room superstructure filled with sensual curves and bright colors, stimulating guests with sensual vibes throughout the Temptation Resort

Bash bar terrace

This resort has just been fully refurbished and is only suitable for guests over 21, whom can enjoy an exclusive atmosphere of provocation and eroticism. That’s why the building is covered in bright colors and round forms, mimicking human shapes and designed to trigger feelings of atraction and interconnectivity. 
The guests will dine in 7 different types of restaurants: She: Aphrodisiac cuisine, Sutra: Asiatic restaurant, Flame: Grill, Romanza: Italian cuisine, Rain: International buffet, Amores: Mexican cuisine and Sea flit: Seafood. In the Sea Flit Restaurant, Karim Rashid,one of our most prestigious designers, selected chairs and tables of Vertex collection from Spanish design brand Vondom. In addition, outside the restaurant, he has included Vlek design pots and his newest design: the Voxel chair ; which are part of Vondom contract furniture range. 
The guests can also find different bars distributed through out the resort, among them “Bash” that offers a 24-hour service and in which the bartables and barstools are from Vondom Wing collection by A-Cero, sofas from the Doux collection and again Vlek pots by Karim Rashid. 
The guests can also enjoy a provocative poolside experience “Sexy Pool” where fun and enjoyment are ensured by the DJs ,that raise the temperature and transmit energy through their music. Relax and soak up the sun on the Surf designer sun loungers by Karim Rashid. 
Another perfect space to relax in this aphrodisiac resort is the Rose Spa, which offers a wide variety of massages, facials, hydrotherapy. The peaceful guests can enjoy our “silent pool”. 
Mexican architect Marcos Constandse and TROPIQA, INTERIOR DESIGN MANAGEMENT, also contributed to complete this Project. 
Source: Vondom 
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