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Joko and Elephant chairs of Kristalia at the Baker Nordby in Nesbru, Norway

Joko and Elephant, two of most recent chair collections of Italian company Kristalia, have been choseen to furnish the Baker Nordby in Nesbru (Norway), according to the project of studio BK Interiordesign of Oslo. Joko, designed by Bartoli Design in 2010, is an absolute product. The difficulty lay in minimising it as far as possible, without making it too basic or rigid. Its distinguishing feature is the single fused shape, which is soft and organic, of its surfaces that include the front legs, the back and the rear legs. Its continuous surface can be upholstered in a variety of materials: in leather and in fabric in different colours and versions. Elephant: Generous and light, accommodating and dynamic, the Elephant chair marks a working partnership between Neuland studio and Kristalia. The basic version is available in hard polyurethane in various colours, with a 4-leg base or slide base with a chrome or satin finish, or in the same colour lacquer. Baker Nordby Holmensenteret 1397 Nesbru Project: BK interiørdesign
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