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Isabel López Vilalta designs the Suites renovation of Le Méridien Hotel in Barcelona

Isabel López Vilalta + Asociados has carried out the interior design project of new suites at Le Méridien Hotel Barcelona, ​​located in the iconic boulevard of Las Ramblas. A reform which the study conveys perfectly the philosophy of the hotel, and here they explain us how it has been developed. "On this occasion, Isabel Lopez embarks on the reform of the upper floor suites of the iconic Le Méridien Barcelona hotel, nestled in one of the most representative areas of the City of Barcelona, Las Ramblas. Its situation has undoubtedly marked the development of the project, influenced by large traces of History, Culture, and Design, characterizing the building that houses the hotel and - by extension - the City of Barcelona, with which a dialogue of intense intimacy is established. Thinking of the traveller who passes through this hotel, a project of features has been developed which is - in principle - antagonistic. While paying great attention to carefully chosen details, a complete harmony of materials, furniture, textures and colors co-exist in the same space. In principle, these are opposed, namely modernity with a classical touch, sophistication and refinement, subtlety and originality. Great classics of contemporary design combine with hydraulic mosaic floorings that bathe some spaces of the building, with latest generation textiles, with nods to casual aesthetic... All is tinged with a selection of warm, discreet, elegant colors that wait to receive clients and enable them to enjoy some cozy interiors and spectacular outside views. Source: Isabel Lopez Vilalta+ Asociados Photography: Alejo Bagué Read more news related Isabel Lopez Vilalta + Asociados published in Inufrma Visit the Isabel Lopez Vilalta+Asociados website
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