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Isabel López Vilalta designs the optical store of Ulloa in Madrid, an innovative and elegant proposal

Isabel López Vilalta + Asociados has carried out the interior design project of the optical store that the company Ulloa Óptico has opened in the famous Calle Serrano in Madrid. An innovative concept that sets the trend in the design of optical shops. Highlights the Artemide and Difusiona lighting and the Enea Design chairs and stools. Below they explain the details, An optician with early 20th century charm, Ulloa Óptico opened its first shop in 1919. It is now a third-generation family business with a total of 30 outlets in Spain. In the past century, it has introduced new systems and refraction techniques, as well as hearing aids and contact lenses. The space is organized linearly to showcase the sunglasses and prescription frames first, housed on a central structure specifically designed for excellent and personalized customer service. The linear plan cuts horizontally through the store, crossing with longitudinal elements to create a pentagram-style experience, dotted with circular mirrors. In the center of the floor, a large central structure cradles a long and gently-illuminated table. On one side of this table there are cabinets and mounts to present the client with a variety of options, while the other side holds the cash area. A wide hallway takes the client through the storage areas and moves him or her to a room for private consultations, next to a small interior garden which acts as a teaser, visible from the main entrance to the shop. The following palette of materials was chosen: dark wood for the flooring and the lower parts of the lineal plan, white backlit Methacrylate for mounting the products, lacquered metal (in a shade of ash) for the central structure and acrylic resin for the table and display cases. In the hallway, the walls are painted with a light, iridescent coating while the floor is made of ceramic tiles. The insides of the cabinets also use ceramic tiles, but lighter-colored. The off-white paint used for the walls of the cabinets creates a technical, medical aesthetic. Backlighting is used, both on horizontal and vertical lines, to create a coherent lighting plan that, with the help of some extra spot-lighting highlights the most relevant elements of the design. The combination of quality materials and technical excellence serve to reinforce to optician’s image as a business that is both traditional and contemporary. Technical sheet Project: Ulloa Óptico Location: Calle Serrano, 21, 28001 Madrid Author: Isabel López Vilalta + Asociados Team: Isabel López, Marta Alonso, Miquel Camps, Jordi Garcia Date: Octubre 2014 Surface: 150 m2 Client: Ulloa Óptico Building: Lukasik Photographer: Alejo Bagué Lighting: Artemide y Difusiona Coverings: Fórmica, parqué de madera y baldosa cerámica Pavements: Parqué de madera y baldosa cerámica Curtain: Bandalux Furniture: Sillas y taburetes de Enea design Information & images by courtesy of Isabel Lopez Vilalta+Asociados Read more news related Isabel López Vilalta + Asociados published at Infurma Visit the Isabel Lopez Vilalta + Asociados website
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