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Ippolito Fleizt Group designs the 1893 VfB Stuttgart Club restaurant. A genuine stadium atmosphere

Red-white. Also on pommes frites. And plenty of stadium atmosphere. This is the new 1893 – VfB Stuttgart Club Restaurant designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group. The »1893« is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional football clubhouse. It tells the story of the football club, embraces its fans and is also a first-class culinary destination. This remit has been realised by establishing precisely defined zones with very different atmospheres. The history of the club is the overriding theme and runs through the entire space. The story is told using a range of football-related resources: from autograph cards and club devotional objects to a ceiling graphic of quotes from players. Information & images by courtesy of Ippolito Fleitz Group Photographs by Zooey Braun ( Read more news related Ippolito Fleitz Group published at Infurma Visit the Ippolito Fleitz Group website
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