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Ippolito Fleitz Group receive the Deutscher Designer Club Award Good Design 2015 for the Innocean Headquarters Frankfurt

The internationally operating advertising agency Innocean with headquarters in Korea has moved into new European headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. Ippolito Fleitz Group Studio created a flexible and modern work world for the young, design-conscious company, which fits the different work zones within the agency. The design of this workplace has been recognized with the DDC award Gute Gestaltung 2015

Dynamism and movement are key features of the design, which assimilates employees and visitors the second they enter the spacious reception hall. These design elements guide you through the open work zones and the specially created employee library right up to the in-house gym on the fifth floor, which offers an amazing view over Frankfurt. Polygonal spatial elements and a wide range of materials represent the high design standards of the agency itself. Open and transparent work areas, paired with semi-public and completely discreet conference zones promote a creative and communicative working atmosphere.

Information & images by courtesy of Ippolito Fleitz Group Photographs by Robert Hoernig ( Read more news related Ippolito Fleitz Group published at Infurma Visit the Ippolito Fleitz Group website
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