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inSense designs the interior lighting for the new London Bar in Salceda, Spain

InSense, a specialized studio in innovative design spaces, scenic, decorative, architectural LED lighting, has carried out the interior design project of the new London Bar in Salceda (Pontevedra). So inSense tell us how they developed the project, When we had the first contact with the client, we decided that the principal piece of the club would the bottle rack. To design that, we adapt our wall waves design with shelves. We want to design an organic shape without waste too space, to do this, the lines of the rack are more curved in the top than the base. To iluminate we use 420 pixels in the back to configure a low resolution screen washing the wall, therefore the colour was very intese and well blur. To design the coffee tables and the bar we use most density design of cells. In the case of the tables, we put a led module in the top of each cell to have a uniform lighting effect. For the bar, we design a light structure screwed to a wood board to get a consistent support. To wash the structure we put 38 pixels in the top of the wood board oriented with 45 degrees to the floor with a cover all along the bar covering the diodes. To run the installation we use an stand alone controller that reproduce the patterns of lighting.

Source: inSense Visit the InSense website Visit the London Bar website
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