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Hotel Jules & Jim: Paris on the outside, HI-MACS® on the inside

A private and pleasant setting situated in the heart of Paris, the Jules & Jim Hotel consists of 23 rooms distributed across three buildings arranged around two paved courtyards. Of all the rooms, thirteen have been made with HI-MACS®, as well as the bar counter. An extraordinary adventure, led by Antoine Brault and Geoffroy Sciard, who relied on the support of young talents specialising in their respective trades. Mirroring the collection of artists who created it, the concept of this hotel is the result of a creative and hard-working team, leading to an original and successful project. Henrich Fitger, who was in charge of the hotel's structural architecture, was the project manager for the Regent hotel in Bordeaux, which underscored the quality of his work. He focuses his projects on resolutely contemporary environmentally-friendly architecture, using precious and sustainable materials, such as wood or stone, thanks to their ability to restore and renovate settings. They therefore fully accommodate the current eco-friendly trend. Chosen for her expertise in the hotel industry, Natacha Froger of Atomes Associés was in charge of the interior architecture of the rooms and communal areas. Extra special attention was paid to soundproofing, shading light and guest comfort. The simple and long-lasting materials used include glass, solid wood, stone, concrete and of course, the unrivalled new generation acrylic stone, HI-MACS®. Situated in the main building and over eight storeys, the thirteen HI-MACS® rooms share a unique architectural layout: the wardrobe, the private toilet, the shower and the wash basin are arranged in the four corners of the room. The centre of the room is home to a spacious and comfortable bed, and it is clad with a backlit HI-MACS® composite shell: a genuine cocoon of calmness and well-being. The architect picked this particular material for its host of intrinsic qualities: it is highly resistant and sturdy, non-porous and it can also be thermoformed. Manufactured by LG Hausys with the latest technology in the Solid Surface material market, it is seamless and allows for the creation of a continuous surface, in a wide range of different colours. Choosing to use HI-MACS® was also evident for Michael Malapert in the design of the bar, which entails a subtle combination of a backlit HI-MACS® bar with a stainless steel and solid walnut bookcase and antique parquet flooring salvaged during the renovation work. This mixture of materials makes for a surprising end result, which is ultra-modern. Alain Pin of Light & Day aims at customising interiors and exteriors using particular lighting scenes, thereby creating a bond between what is seen and what is not. He therefore considered the possibility of lighting the surfaces made of HI-MACS®, a decision which he shared with Natacha Froger and Michael Malapert. These professionals therefore joined forces and pooled their know-how to bring to life an exceptional project: the Jules & Jim Hotel, a genuine, welcoming and poetic haven of peace and quiet. Source: HI-MACS® Photo: Sébastien Véronèse Read more news related HI-MACS® publisehd at Infurma Visit the HI-MACS® website
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