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Hospec events, the face-to-face business for contract sector, are just around the corner

Hospec 2012 and Hospec Operations 2012 – two must-attend events for face-to-face business between hotel industry professionals, architects, interior designers and equipment manufacturers and vendors – are just around the corner. Organized by Madison Events for the fifth year running, both professional events will be held in November in Casablanca (Hospec 2012) and Alicante (Hospec Operations 2012).

Hospec 2011 participants

The events focus on promoting one-on-one appointments with delegates from the world’s leading hospitality brands and provide a unique opportunity for participants from the hotel industry. Madison Events, a company specialized in organizing events for the hotel industry, is planning its fifth edition of Hospec and Hospec Operations, scheduled for 6–9 November in Casablanca and 20–23 November in Alicante. This renowned annual forum – now split into two independent events – brings together high profile representatives from the European hotel industry with emerging markets like Africa, the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates, with the aim of gathering industry professionals (who would otherwise find it difficult get together to do business) in a meetings-based program focused on face-to-face appointments. The sophisticated method of selecting meetings means that each vendor that attends the event is guaranteed a minimum of 15 private appointments with hotel operators, purchasing managers and hosted buyers chosen from an extensive list of leading companies from around the globe, including AECOM, Costa Terra, NH Hotels, Sogei, Hilton, Kempinski, Meliá Hotels International, Vincci Hotels, Accor, Kerzner Resorts, Las Vegas Sands Corporation, Rotana Hotels & Resorts and Orascom. Architecture and interior design representatives like Carlos Ferrater, Manuel Torres, Estudio Tomás Alía, G56, Arditi RDT Arquitectos, Teresa Sapey and Reardom Smith Architects have also confirmed their attendance at this year’s events. Combined with other activities, the meetings are spread out over two days in a firm commitment by Madison Events to encourage direct and long-term contacts between business professionals in a relaxed and productive environment. Hospec Casablanca and Hospec Operations Alicante are hosted at different locations each year, and Madison Events consistently books high class hotels to ensure that participants enjoy top-of-the-line services in a pleasant, stress-free setting. Dividing these professional gatherings into two separate events gives Madison Events the opportunity to better refine and adapt to the interests of both buyers and sellers. Hospec Casablanca focuses on furniture, lighting, decoration, flooring and walls, wellness, kitchens, security, HVAC, and FF&E equipment and contract vendors, etc., while Hospec Operations Alicante covers all day-to-day operational activities (food and beverage, household, textile, audiovisual equipment, cleaning, accessories, robotics, etc.). HOSPEC 2012 ( Casablanca – 6, 7, 8 and 9 November Hospec Casablanca – a top-tier professional meeting point that brings together hotel equipment and FF&E contract vendors with hotel operators, interior designers, decorators, architects, hosted buyers of new and renovated hotels, property owners and hotel investors – is one of the industry’s top events. All participants can choose up to 20 meetings with other delegates, creating an unbeatable opportunity for vendors: direct contact with purchasing managers and the chance to give firsthand information about their services or products during the meetings. Hospec 2012 will be held at the Mazagan Beach Resort in Casablanca, a first-class, luxurious hotel whose southern location gives delegates from the North African market the opportunity to attend the event for the first time. This emerging market represents an excellent business opportunity for hospitality providers as a whole. HOSPEC OPERATIONS 2012 ( Alicante – 20, 21, 22 and 23 November In late November Alicante will become the epicentre for hotel-related business, where for the first time Hospec Operations will open its doors as an independent event at the request of hotel purchasing managers, who pushed to turn the operational side of Hospec into a separate event. Purchasing managers, national and international catering groups, facility services, etc. will meet with vendors and manufacturers of hotel equipment, food and beverage, catering, and room products and services (OSE, F&B, back of house), all within Hospec Casablanca’s meeting-based program of face-to-face, pre-arranged appointments. Hospec Operations will be held in Alicante’s Hotel Meliá Villaitana Wellness & Business Resort, designed by Spanish architect Andrés Piñeiro to reflect a charming Mediterranean village. Hospec and Hospec Operations represent much more than mere sales meetings: they are must-attend events for all hospitality industry professionals. With high profile contacts, the results are far more effective and productive than any tradeshow, and pre-arranged meetings make it easy for participants to streamline their dealings with different companies over a few short days in order to take full advantage of each meeting. All in a relaxed, comfortable setting where space is also available for conferences, networking activities, dinners, lunches, outings, etc. Hospec and Hospec Operations is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind opportunity for delegates, who can choose which event to attend by registering on either the Hospec or Hospec Operation’s website, where more information on the program, participants, meetings held in previous years, images, etc. is also available. For further information, visit the special article about Hospec published in Infurma, or you can visit the HOSPEC website. 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