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Grasslands Restaurant at Edinburgh Zoo, designed by 442 Design

Grasslands Restaurant at Edinburgh Zoo is an example of refurbish which 442 Design Studio has carried out and that helps them to be finalists in the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2012. 442 Design Memory The Brief Refurbish the underperforming restaurants at Edinburgh Zoo to maximise return and enhance the overall visitor experience. Introduce new food and snack bar offers. Create distinct branding with appeal to family market. The Approach We created a distinct but related identity for each of the restaurants and renamed both outlets to emphasise change of management. The Grasslands restaurant is a higher end hot food offer with coffee bar zones. Bright pastel colours and bleached timbers create a relaxed and calm atmosphere bold animal graphics and elegant insect details bring a smile and relate to the overall zoo experience. The Jungle Food Court is bright, engaging and positioned as a faster food offer. Bold colour and large format graphic details support increased covers and seating areas. A new ice cream and coffee service hatch maximises passing trade and additional spend. Light hearted design details acknowledge the location and outsized lightshades and interior landscaping help fill the space and give the sense of jungle scale. The Result The Compass run restaurants at Edinburgh Zoo are performing well ahead of target and have greatly enhanced the overall visitor experience at the zoo. Further information 442 Design 40 Maritime Street Edinburgh EH6 6SA tel 0131 538 1442
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