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Francesc Rifé designs the Caro Hotel in Valencia. Sleeping between walls

Opened in January 2012, Caro Hotel hosts part of the inheritance of every single culture which left trace in Valencia and which set up its history. This boutique hotel 5* projected by Francesc Rifé and located in the Seu Xerea neighbourhood, close to the city’s cathedral is, probably, the oldest building in use in the city. Caro Hotel is a space where the incomparable historical legacy has been destined to a fully contemporary hotel use. This has demanded a daring, restrained, and balanced interior design, which has respected the building’s substrate without repetition, and which has extolled them from a new perspective. This difficult challenge was commended to designer Francesc Rifé, who solved it with competence. The result is a singular collection of 26 different, warm and comfortable rooms, placed in the original space, and where the rhythm, colour and materials choice appear in harmomious agreement in a book of respect and discretion which honours the timeless past of the building , setting it unabashedly, in front of a cosmo- politan present. Caro Hotel is located in the core of the Old Town of Valencia, in the Seu Xerea neighbourhood, just 200 metres from the city’s cathedral. Source: Caro Hotel Read more news related Francesc Rifé published at Infurma Visit the Caro Hotel website Visit the Francesc Rifé website
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